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Charlene A. Derby


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Everyone Needs a Timeout: 2024 Planner

Do you find it difficult to take a timeout from your daily stressors? Do you struggle to find the time and energy for self-care? Are you interested in integrating your children and pets into your self-care routine? This planner is for you! It provides basic information on the domains of well-being and accompanies them with creative suggestions for taking a timeout from the stressors related to each one. A monthly timeout challenge will keep you on track and assist you in developing habits you'll use throughout your lifetime.

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Better Together

Saige Turns a Page and the Activity and Discussion Guide for Parents and Teachers

The delightful story Saige Turns a Page tells how Saige successfully faces life's challenges while incorporating cooking into school and family projects. 

The accompanying Activity and Discussion Guide for Parents and Teachers expands on the themes of the story promoting meal planning, food safety, career planning, and family relationship skills.

Downloadable worksheets are available to support these activities. 

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A Boy Learns to Bake

Scones - Celebrating the Winter Holidays completes the book series, "A Boy Learns to Bake." All are available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.

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Un Niño Aprende Repostería

¡Ahora disponible en español!

¿Estás buscando actividades significativas pero de bajo costo para fomentar el interés de tus hijos en las fiestas nacionales de los Estados Unidos? ¡Entonces la serie “Un Niño Aprende Repostería” es para ti! Cada libro cuenta la historia de un niño que prepara un postre para celebrar los días festivos. También se encuentra incluidas en cada libro, una receta, preguntas para discusión y reflexión, así como una carta a los padres en donde se explica el valor de la repostería como una experiencia educativa multisensorial.

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