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Everyone Needs a Timeout: 2024 Planner

Co-authors Shaun, Charlene, and Kelsey are working on resources to promote self-care. Their first item is a planner for 2024. It will be followed by the book, Everyone Needs a Timeout: Self-care Strategies for People and Pets, available in early 2024. 


Saige Turns a Page

Saige’s life is full of contrasts. At school, she’s acing science but failing history. At home, she’s loaded up with responsibilities when she’d rather hang out with her friends. And her parents? She has an easy-going relationship with her dad but a difficult one with her mom. On top of it all, she’s struggling to understand her parents’ divorce. Her safe space is the kitchen and her companions are her cookbooks.

Will Saige’s love of cooking help her turn the page to a happy ending?

Available now on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.


Saige Turns a Page: Activity and Discussion Guide for Parents and Teachers

This guide includes:

  • The complete story, Saige Turns a Page.

  • The recipes Saige uses for the events she helps plan.

  • Activities and discussion questions based on the life skills introduced in the story: meal planning, food safety, career planning, and family relationships.

  • Worksheets that assist children and adolescents in applying the skills to their current situations. 

  • Opportunities for you to enhance the learning by drawing from your own knowledge and expertise.

By expanding on the themes introduced in the story, you’ll help your children or students turn the page to effective life skills—skills that will benefit them both now and in the future. 

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The Series "A Boy Learns to Bake"

Are you looking for meaningful yet inexpensive activities to promote your children’s interest in America’s national holidays? The “A Boy Learns to Bake” series is for you! Each book tells the story of a boy who bakes a dessert to help celebrate the holiday. A recipe, discussion questions, and a letter to parents on the value of baking as a multisensory learning experience are also included.

Now available in both English and Spanish.


One Sock is Missing

Have you ever wondered what the missing socks do when they’re on their own? One Sock is Missing provides insights into their private adventures. It also communicates their desire to be found and returned home—to the sock drawer and to their partners. Want to keep your socks from going missing? As a bonus, the book includes sock-folding tips.

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Running the Hurdles

Is your child failing to thrive academically? Are you struggling to understand why? Do you find the procedures for obtaining special educational services baffling and bureaucratic? This book explains how to identify learning differences that may be causing learning difficulties. It provides you with a process you can use to work with your child and their teachers to ensure your child's academic success. After reading it, you'll feel equipped, empowered, and encouraged.

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